Emergency Dentist Burbank

Emergency Dentist Burbank

Dental emergencies will come knocking unannounced, subject one to excruciating pain, and call for immediate professional attention. If you live in Burbank and its neighborhood, you must know where to find emergency dental care services.

Through this comprehensive guide, we shall have what constitutes emergency dentists, who may find the need to have emergency dentists, and the reason why one can count on Nalbandian Dentistry to provide emergency dental care services in the Burbank region.

We shall continue to describe when one should find it fit to access emergency dental care services, the benefits of having emergency dental care, emergency dental care available treatments, and courses of action to follow while seeking emergency dental care services.

Who is an Emergency Dentist? 

An emergency dentist facilitates immediate assistance regarding dental problems. This can range from acute toothache to severe injuries and infections. Emergency dentists are capable of attending to unforeseen problems on the spot in order to relieve the pain and prevent any other problems. Their capability of providing immediate remedy not only helps to get rid of unbearable dental pain but also helps a great deal in salvation from the concerned teeth.

These dentists are qualified to deal with a variety of dental emergencies and use the latest techniques and technology in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in the shortest time feasible. Emergency dentists are capable of carrying out a variety of short-order treatments, which involve extractions, root canal treatment, and temporary fillings. They also possess excellent knowledge of urgent dental trauma care and managing cases of tooth displacement and tooth avulsion that will result in the best possible outcome.

By offering emergency treatment, they are able to stabilize the situation, take a step toward lessening the possibility of severe damage, and increase the chance of saving your teeth. They are instrumental in saving your overall dental health and in keeping a small problem from decaying into a more severe or even life-threatening situation.

Who Uses Emergency Dentist Services? 

Who Uses Emergency Dentist Services

Emergency dental services are those offered to patients who are presented with an emergent dental condition and whose treatment involves immediate treatment and cannot be delayed until a regular dental treatment is scheduled. The range of such emergencies is quite significant and may include, among others, the following examples:

  • Toothache: This is the worst kind of pain and can either be debilitating or painful, which is more often than not an indication of deeper problems such as deep-rooted decay, abscesses, or nerve damage.
  • Mouth Injury: Accidents of other injuries can produce teeth that are chipped, broken, or even knocked away from the jawbone. The need for immediate medical help is paramount not only in the prevention of further injury but also in increasing the odds of saving the tooth.
  • Symptoms of Infection: Symptoms such as swelling, painful discomfort, or the onset stages of fever can indicate an infection that, if left alone, can spread very quickly and cause more severe health problems.
  • Complications due to Dental Work: An example of these could be lost fillings, crowns, or other dental restorations, which produce painful discomfort and leave teeth vulnerable to further damage and decay.
  • Uncontrolled Bleeding: Bleeding that does not stop after dental surgery should be addressed without delay as a means to prevent excessive loss of blood as well as to identify any underlying issues that may be precipitating the problem.

In addition to addressing the above and other specific issues, emergency dental services are an essential component in effecting the successful management of pain, providing immediate relief from pain through a range of diagnostic and treatment resources such as X-rays to identify the source of pain, antibiotics to combat infections and emergency procedures to return the function and appearance of teeth. Emergency dentists are experienced in delivering top-to-boot and up-to-the-minute care that will safeguard the patient in need by providing the finest care around the problem to help stabilize the situation and maybe salvage further complications systemic effects would impose. They safeguard overall periodontal health and provide peace of mind throughout those tough times.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Nalbandian is a general dentist focused on delivering the highest quality cosmetic and restorative dentistry to her patients. She believes that exceptional dental care begins with the doctor-patient relationship and customizing treatment to meet the needs of each individual patient. 

In an ever-changing world of dental technology and techniques, Dr. Nalbandian is an avid learner. She is committed to continuing education courses which allow her to offer patients the most advanced care. Her goal is to bridge long-lasting solutions with the most conservative treatment. 

Since completing her dental training, Dr. Nalbandian has embraced a rewarding career as an exceptional dental clinician. She has also returned to her alma mater, UCLA School of Dentistry, to teach future generations of dentists and currently serves as a faculty member at the WEST Los Angeles Dental Hygiene program.

Those who know Dr. Nalbandian quickly come to realize that dentistry truly is one of her greatest passions. When she is not in the clinic or teaching, Dr. Nalbandian enjoys practicing yoga and getting outdoors. 

Why Choose Nalbandian Dentistry for Emergency Dentist Services in Burbank?

In those times when a dental calamity of some kind strikes, the proper dental practice to turn to can end up being where all the difference is. Nalbandian Dentistry in Burbank provides a few of the very finest picks for emergency dental service, doing so with a blend of experience, cutting-edge technology, and caring compassion. Learn more about these very top reasons for making Nalbandian Dentistry the pick for a moment when something dental goes wrong of necessity:

  • Experience and Expertise: Incredibly talented and experienced dental professionals bring hours upon hours of training and many years of experience to the table to provide the absolute best in care.
  • Advanced Technology: Employing the latest in dental technology to make a proper diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner, Nalbandian Dentistry is equipped with the latest in imaging equipment and modernized screening devices to get to the root of the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Comprehensive Emergency Care: Offers a full range of emergency services, including pain management, tooth extractions, root canal treatments, and temporary restorations, all under one roof, minimizing referrals and additional appointments.
  • Prompt and Dependable Service: Treats immediate care of patients in discomfort as a priority by having well-structured procedures and unique emergency systems that take every step possible to relieve pain quickly.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Provides comforting care with a personal touch by giving detailed listening attention to the patients and their problems, explaining treatment options, and making appropriate modifications in the patient-centered approach for the personalized needs of patients.
  • Convenient Location: The easily accessible location in the heart of Burbank makes access so brief that it is timely for immediate care.

Residents of Burbank receiving emergency dental care can trust Nalbandian Dentistry to deliver the expert and expeditious care they need to solve everyday dental emergencies, knowing that they are in capable and caring hands.

When should you visit an Emergency Dentist, and when is the right time?

When should you visit an Emergency Dentist, and when is the right time? 

This happens when we have dental problems at any time, so we need to go to the dentist, as the teeth are delicate and can be harmed; additionally, any problem may worsen the teeth or cause additional pain. Ergo, a condition for which action is necessary to avoid worsening the situation, ending up in likely irreparable destruction regarding the tooth, is recognized as an emergency. Notify necessary only under these sorts of circumstances…Overcome the emergency as quickly as possible. Various easy things in our lives can lead to another visit to an emergency dentist.

Restorative Emergencies

Dental restorations or prosthodontic emergencies are the problems that arise when crowns, bridges, or veneers are damaged. These restorations are used to help restore any damaged teeth and retain full functionality when the need arises. In some cases, they become loose, break, or fall out, consequently exposing the underlying tooth to the possibility of forming harm. In some cases, any pressure applied to the area may worsen the condition, hence the need for prompt medical attention to alleviate pain, heal infection, or further injury. An emergency dentist will be able to re-bond and replace the restoration, therefore making the tooth as functional as possible and safely guarded.

Severe Gum Pain

The throbbing and sharp pain may also be an indication that there is a critical dental problem in the area. It could be a sign of an infection or an advanced state of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis; however, if the pain is accompanied by some redness, bruises, or pus formation, a visit to an emergency dentist should be scheduled immediately. These symptoms appear as a sign of a severe infection that, if not treated, can complicate other parts of the body, with more severe outcomes and implications. An emergency dentist can establish the root cause of the pain and offer treatment before giving directions on how to avoid such incidences afterward.

Tooth Abscess

Caused by infection, a tooth abscess is considered one of the most dangerous diseases to a tooth, which is a kind of inflammation to the pulp accompanied by a sac of pus due to the bacterial infection. SIGNS: The patient presents with signs such as severe and continuous pain, cheek or face swelling, fever, and mouth taste. A dental abscess involves a severe inflammation or a pus-filled sac that develops around a tooth and is a severe condition that can be fatal if corrected after some days because it may spread to the jaw, neck, and other regions of the body. An abscessed tooth can be treated by draining the abscess, administering antibiotics, and referring the patient to a dentist of general practice to plan further action to remove the source of infection and avert the re-occurrence.

Lost Fillings

Fillings are supposed to fill up cavities and restore the strength of destroyed teeth. When a filling falls out, it leaves the tooth to rot and eventually be infected. It can also be a reason for increased sensitivity and pain in the tooth. One might have a hard time eating and drinking. It’s, therefore, of much essence to organize an emergency dentist visit to ensure all is remedied as soon as possible. They can either put a temporary filling in the tooth to protect it or put a new permanent filling to restore the function of the tooth, which removes the discomfort.

Advantages of Emergency Dental Care

Advantages of Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care has various advantages that go along with removing pain in that it also avails complete solutions for urgent dental problems. Understanding these benefits will let you realize the value of seeking immediate dental care whenever an emergency arises.

Immediate Pain Relief

The principal advantage of emergency dental care—the most immediate one—is pain relief. Most of the pain emanating from dental problems is known to be severe. In this respect, dental issues can cause much disturbance in a person’s life. An emergency dentist correctly diagnoses what is causing the pain and then goes ahead to administer treatment promptly, thereby putting an end to your discomfort. This saves time, and patients can move on with their other duties with minimal interruption.

Prevention of Worsening Conditions

Emergency dental care can always prevent minor problems from developing into huge ones. Very small-scale damage can later develop into large-scale damage, and what could have been seen as manageable damage can turn into unmanageable damage. Emergency dental care nips in the bud all such problems, preventing further escalation and retaining the teeth in states considered acceptable. This preventive approach, if carefully followed, not only saves teeth that would be otherwise lost but also preserves general oral health.

Preserve Teeth

With prompt care, a broken or knocked-out tooth can be saved. There are a few emergency dentists who are able to reattach or fix a knocked-out tooth, which can vastly increase the chances of your tooth making a full recovery. To do this, keep existing natural teeth functional; from here, it will save involving them if possible—whether for more expensive and more elaborate restoration techniques of tooth implantation (also for long, several months) or prosthetics, then to get his fill.

Prevents the Need for Extensive Treatment

Attending to a dental concern now will likely prevent the need for more comprehensive and invasive treatments later. A toothache, for instance, that is left for a minor infection will only become worse and cost you the risk of a root canal or having a tooth removed. This early involvement not only retains the health of your teeth but also avoids more considerable dental assurances that come with more advanced dental treatments.

Dental Abscess Prevention of Infection Spread

Abscesses are usually a typical dental emergency due to their ability to spread rapidly and cause infection. Without early treatment, an untreated infection can spread to any other part of the body and can be extremely harmful in general. Emergency dental care that may be provided will undoubtedly play a role in needing to act quickly, as can be done by rerouting abscesses or prescribing antibiotics to prevent an infection from spreading. This quick response is paramount in order for you to be able to preserve your health and to decide how to act against potential threats to life.

Mental & Emotional Health

Dental emergencies can be traumatic and cause extreme panic and anxiety… Emergency dental treatment gives you timely solutions and peace of mind in knowing that you are being treated by experienced professionals who know they are addressing your dental problem. That feeling of not having to worry about it can have a positive impact on your mental/emotional health at a time that is already very stressful.

Treatments for Dental Emergencies

The treatments for a dental emergency depend on how severe it happens to be and where the trouble lies. Some of the usual interventions that emergency dentists will provide include:

  • Pain relief measures – Emergency dentists frequently utilize drugs or nerve blocks for the alleviation of severe pain.
  • Temporary or Permanent Fixes: In different conditions, Emergency dentists can do a far off restore on to your teeth, however, the restore and the follow-up restoration could be completed by using your dentist.
  • Antibiotic therapy: If the infection is present, your doctor will give antibiotics to control/make the infection apparent.
  • Root Canal Treatments: Deep decay or nerve damage requires a root canal treatment—which saves the tooth and stops the pain.
  • Extractions: When a tooth is damaged or infected beyond repair, extraction is the following line of defense to prevent additional issues.
Treatments for Dental Emergencies


New Patient Exam

1 Hr

Emergency Visit

1 Hr


30 Mins

What to Do While You Wait For Emergency Dental Treatment

Here is what to do while you wait for your emergency dental appointment to manage spiking pain and repair fractured teeth. Here are some helpful tips to keep you comfortable and in good dental health until you manage to visit your dentist:

  • Apply a cold pack or cold compress to the outside of the cheek to help reduce swelling and numb pain at the nerve ends. This simple method can reduce swelling while you wait.
  • Take an over-the-counter lozenge for the burn as well. If it hurts so much that you cannot bear it, pop an ibuprofen or acetaminophen, get on with your life, and enjoy the view until that other life is more promising.
  • Carefully place it in its place if a tooth falls out. If that is not an option, keep it moist and bring it to the dentist in a container of milk or saliva. This helps with reattaching your tooth to the spot it fell from.
  • Do not eat from the ailing part of your cheek. This precaution keeps the area from further wear and tear to avoid aggravating the situation.

There is an essential complexity to emergency dental care that should be recognized. In Burbank, those who have been caught off guard by a dental emergency know that having a trusted resource makes a difference in their outcome and comfort. Nalbandian Dentistry provides a reliable service for almost all urgent dental situations, ensuring clients can count on the best care and attention when they need it most.


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If the person is able to go to the ER, the hospitals can give him or her some antibiotics to help with the infection and painkillers to reduce inflammation and pain of the tooth, so the dentist’s treatment can be easier accomplished. The only exception are Children Dental centers who have restorative dentistry services as fillings, tailing, and crowning.

You need urgent dental care services after a cracked tooth if it comes with pain or the tooth is bleeding. Even so, if you experience a chipped or broken tooth through whatever circumstance, get in touch with a dentist right away, regardless of how big or minor it is, to get a proper evaluation and treatment.

As decay progresses more profoundly into the tooth, to the dentin and pulp, sensitivity and pain increase, leading to an infection, and a cavity now becomes a dental emergency. If this happens, an emergency dentist can solve the problem and prevent it from getting worse.

With gargling a mouthful of a solution of warm water with a pinch of salt is the best home remedy for toothache. It even decreases inflammation and eases mouth healing.

Hospitals can give first aid for dental emergencies, such as managing pain and infection control. They cannot perform full dental treatments like removing teeth. These require a trip to the dentist for such treatments.

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